Mission accomplished!

The  Global Sustainability Jam 2011, took place last 28, 29 & 30 of October 2011 in 42 countries and 6 countries where 800 participants gathered under a common interest: designing sustainable solutions.  All participants worked in parallel around the globe with the theme “playground,” for which more than 120 new sustainable project proposals were developed.

During this event  CLARO PARTNERS and DRASSANA studio, came together to organize the Barcelona chapter of the Jam, the Barcelona Sustainability Jam 2011. It was great to see that there was such a warm response from the public; entities willingly collaborated and participants had an excellent level and came with great motivation, interest and dedication. During this non-profit event people form different backgrounds and nationalities joined teams and came up with what resulted to be various fantastic sustainable proposals.

The Barcelona Sustainability Jam was a success! Congratulations to all involved. Now we would like to share with you the Jammer’s results.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank our sponsors (Llüisos de Gracia, Post-its, 3M, Estrella Damm), our collaborators (Enviu, Seos, BCD, Eco-union) and all our mentors who helped make the Jam a success.